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Day 1: 13th September 2023, Wednesday

Masterclass Timing Presenter Company
  • Rums are produced all over the world from cane sugar, because of the variety of raw material, history, the markets, rum offers to the tasters an incomparable palette of unique aromas and flavours.
  • From India, to Thailand, Guyana to the Caribbean, Lallemand Distilling will initiate you in the world of rum. You will taste some white rums elaborated from fresh cane juice and you will discover the richness of such products; you will continue with some aged rums from molasses whose aromatic profiles are really stunning. Along the tasting Robert Piggot will explain how each rum is unique by the terroir, the production process, the distillation, and the maturation.

1430 – 1515 hrs

Robert Piggot, Global Technical Director

Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits

  • Who put that mango in my bottle?
  • Do you need fruit to make fruity spirits? Join us as we explore the range of fruit aromas and flavours associated with some of our favourite spirits. No mangos were harmed in the making of this seminar

1530 – 1615 hrs

Charlie McCarthy, BDM – Spirits (EMEA)

Wine & Spirit Education Trust, WSET

Wines of Karnataka and Wine Tourism

1630 – 1715 hrs

Gaurav Thapar, Wine Ambassador

Karnataka Grape & Wine Board


Day 2: 14th September 2023, Thursday

Masterclass Timing Presenter Company

WSET Technical Tasting:The WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting Spirits (SAT) provides drinks professionals with a globally understood methodology to produce a complete and accurate description of a spirit. Join WSET’s Charlie McCarthy as we tackle the technical aspects of the SAT with confidence

1545 – 1630 hrs

Charlie McCarthy, BDM – Spirits (EMEA)

Wine & Spirit Education Trust, WSET


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