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Speaker Profile

Robert Piggot
Mr Robert Piggot

Global Technical Director, Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits

Robert has spent his entire working life in the beverage alcohol industry. After a degree in chemical engineering, he set out to see the world and has never stopped. After many adventures, he ended up in South Africa working in wine, brandy, and gin productions.

He then moved totally into spirit production managing plants producing whisky, vodka and gin. He spent two years in Barbados working for a major rum producer as Chief Operating Officer. He also worked for the European Union writing a report focused on the rum production in the Caribbean.

Then, he went back to Canada where he refitted the plant of one of the major producers of spirits to make whisky and vodka.

Since retiring he has spent his time on plant design, process parameters, distillation, and aging for many distilleries in Caribbean, Philippines, Canada, Ireland, Thailand, Brazil, South Africa, Australia and Europe. Since joining in Lallemand Biofuels & Distilling Spirits Robert worked on many distillery designs and some very unusual feedstocks but after all these years he is still fascinated by the diversity of the spirits crafted all over the world!

At the Brew and Spirits conference, Robert will have the pleasure to present and share some Rums crafted in various countries using various feedstocks and technics. Join him for this initiatory journey!