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Speaker Profile

Simran Kaur
Simran Kaur

Co-Founder: Native Cocktail Room
Owner: Hotel Pearl Palace Heritage and Peacock Resturant

Simran Kaur is a dynamic and multifaceted individual who successfully blends her extensive educational background with her passion for the hospitality industry. She has demonstrated a remarkable transition from the domain of education to entrepreneurship, leveraging her family’s extensive experience in running 6 educational institutions in Lucknow to excel in a completely different field. Her venture into the hospitality industry, alongside her husband Karan Singh, highlights her innovative spirit and commitment to excellence. Together, they have introduced new concepts in mixology and modern Indian cuisine, earning widespread recognition and appreciation. Simran’s journery reflects her versatility, dedication, and relentless pursuit of success in all her endeavors.


  • Graduation: Honours in Finance
  • Short Courses: Accounting from the London School of Economics (2 courses)
  • Master’s Degree: International Business Management from Westminster University, London

Awards and Recognition:

  • Secured 21st position in India in 2023 by 30 Best Bars.
  • Bar Wars: Winner of India round in Bar Wars 2023 by “ Greater Than Gin ”
  • Economic Times Women Achiever Award : Honored in Delhi at the FnB conclave in 2023.
  • Bikaji Food and Hospitality Award : Best Cocktail Bars category, August 2023.
  • IHC London and IIHM Hospitality Honors List 2023 : Won on International Hospitality Day, 24th April 2023, for one of the best bars in Jaipur for Native Cocktail Room.
  • Media Features : Featured in Conde Nast, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The Hindu, and Economic Times.