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Speaker Profile

Narayan Manepally
Mr Narayan Manepally

Founder and CEO
Geist Brewing Co

Narayan Manepally, an Electrical Engineer by profession, developed a passion for brewing during his time in the US where he worked with the Intel Corporation in Oregon - the Mecca of craft beer.  After setting up a home brewing system in his garage and experimenting with multiple styles of beer, Narayan decided to take his passion for brewing back to India in 2003. In 2006, he became a ‘beer prenuer’ when he co-founded Beerworks Restaurants & Microbrewery Pvt. Ltd (the parent company of Geist) along with his former school classmate Paul Chowdhury. The Geist team helmed brewing operations at two popular microbreweries in the city until 2016 when they received a license to set up South India’s first distribution craft brewery off Old Madras Road in Bangalore, India. Today, Geist Brewing Co. delivers a variety of global craft beer styles directly to customers (via beer gardens, taprooms & a packaged beer experience in Bangalore retail stores) as well as local hospitality businesses who aim to delight their patrons with an authentic craft beer experience.